We never thought we would meet a loving mother like you.
A loving mother to her children.
When we cry,
You wipe away our tears.
When we lose hope in our talents,
Your sympathy keeps us going.
When we were lost in the midst,
You showed us the right path
Now we can call ourselves writers
Because of your help,
Because of your love and kindness.

We were nothing but now we’re writers
Our talents are being recognised by our families and friends
Because of your help
Our hearts are filled with joy
Because of you, Mother

Thank you FunDza for your help
You’re a hero to us as your children
Thank you for keeping us happy at all times
May God grant you strength
May he keep increasing your love for us
We’ve got no words
But what we can say is,
You’re the best mother
We love you sky-size
Keep us happy as we will keep you happy at all times