I let you hurt me,
I never tried to stop you
but I felt each and every pain,
I took each and every pain you threw at me.
I saw you looking at me with those scary eyes,
but I never intended on fighting back.
So please… don’t be sorry.

I let you walk all over me
Let you abuse me and my kids,
Let you hurt me and my kids,
Let you destroy my life, bit by bit,
Let you ruin my body by leaving scars all over it.

I gave myself to you as a punching bag,
Even though you were not worth it,
Even though I never benefited from it.
So please…again don’t be sorry.

I let you break me into a silent child,
I kept quiet and hid behind a fake smile,
People asked about my scars, but I made useless excuses,
Hiding the fact that you broke me over and over.
I lied about each and every answer I gave,
Protecting u for nothing but more pain, abuse and suffering,
Also not gaining anything but scars and bruises.
So please…don’t be sorry

I let you control me like a radio,
Let you change my moods like channels,
Let you change my actions like soapies,
Let you change my facial expressions like cartoons,
Let you change my scars like songs,
Let you change my needs and wants like movies.
So please…don’t be sorry

I let you kill the true inner me,
Let you speak for me,
Started doing what you wanted,
Acted your way, Mr Director,
Did things on your command,
My Lord, became a different person because of you.
So…please don’t be sorry

I let you make me cry,
Had to cry out all the pain in order to sleep,
You turned me into a monster,
Ruined my children’s future,
Made my children hate me,
So go to hell!!
And please… don’t be sorry because I allowed you to.