It’s raining in my heart.
Flowing deep inside me.
Drowning in my soul.
Silent in this fire but will not burn away.

Love has turned me into a believer.
Holding on without dreaming.
Love is all I knew before I fell.
Like a stream I let it carry me into the ocean.
Dancing in this fire but will not turn away.

Through the darkness can you hear me.
Calling for the love to silent my pain.
Clinging on the touch of your skin.
Waiting to be imprisoned by your love.
Silents rushing through me like an echoing wave.

Love will keep me strong.
It is all I want but with you by my side.
Crippled me with your touch.
It’s has been raining in my heart for weeks.
Waiting on your fire not to burn me.
Waiting to be carried to the deepest place in the sea.

You turn my sour day to gloomy mornings.
My past keeps hold on me but you were there
to take me to new length with your glowing love.
Your passion and kisses were all I needed to survive.
Love has sustained me even now with me and you growing together.
Only the dark pit, which is death can separate us.
Love is all that we need to keep growing old together.