It’s not that I hate you but
I blame you for throwing yourself
In to someone’s life without
Consulting my body and feelings,
Look at you now you’re sliced in
Pieces like a broken glass
And you’re red in blood like a red velvet doek

I tried to talk to you about my feelings
But you told me that haven’t I heard anything like following my heart,
You’re the reason why am so grumpy and down today,
I hope you learnt something you never knew

I thought we were a team that’s supposed to work together
But nah I was wrong,
You took your own decisions without even looking back
And I was left alone empty inside,
I am sorry to tell you that no one can fix you right now but yourself
Part of me want to help but am afraid that i will hurt myself,i don’t know if i will ever forgive you for letting in us these kind situation.
am sure you can handle the consequence.