Three decades of hell, honestly I’m exhausted,
From all the pain and trauma
Oh mama!
I need to rest; I’ve been through hell and back

Three decades I said,
And I have nothing to show for it except the years
I’ve cried more than I’ve blinked with my own eyes
I’ve tried, and I’m tired of trying, feels like my ears
Have been pinched
I know not the taste of happiness;
Oh dear God, it’s a mess.

I’m burnt, I’m harmed, it hurts
My heart is dismantled by this reality I was born into
My veins leak all the strength I require
I’ve reached old age at a youthful stage.

I hope I acquire enough, to inspire
Those of you who will walk with my shoes on,
And before I expire,
I hope to extinguish this fire that burns like hell
Fill the pot holes in my heart that have been there all my life.