This is to you my love
The only mother I have
For being my strength in many ways
After everyone had run away
Mother you are the best

I say mother you are the best of the best
With your hardworking spirit that never rests
You have a soul mother I have never seen
Always forgiving me no matter how big the sin
Mother you are the best

Mother it’s all because you were near
Your closeness made my future clear
You advised me to stick to that for which what I was aiming
Now take a look at the prosperous person I’m becoming
Mother you are the best

Mother you always told me to put God first
You assured me the devil is never defeated with fists
Only with prayers you emphasised that the devil gets defeated
Smile with me mother he indeed failed to get me deceived
Mother you are the best

What a beautiful heart you have mother
A godly heart that is always loving and kind to others
You always said throwing is sowing
From you I learned this heart of giving
And now it’s on me Lord’s blessings overflowing
Mother you are the best

Mother you are nothing but my treasure
You never had that time for leisure
Always busy caring for me more than yourself
Nobody is compassionate for me like yourself
For you never gave up on my ill health
Saying my health was your wealth
Mother you are the best

You tirelessly worked mother to give me food
Walking barefooted in bushes looking for wood
Mother it’s all yours whatever I have in my yard
For you took that challenging responsibility without a reward
Mother you are the best

Mother feel it you’re the only one I adore
For being wisest in performing well your role
The only person saddened with my tears
May the heavenly God shower you mother with more years
Mother you are the best