You are such a part of me
As a father to you
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms
And hug you tenderly
No matter what you look like
You are beautiful my love
You my precious gift from above

I felt in love with you
The moment I knew you existed
I was so excited to find out about you
I was anxious to see you
I know it’s too soon to see you getting bigger

But what I wish is to give you time to see the world
Happiness, wisdom, and a life filled with fun
As your mom is awaiting for your arrival
And the presence of newborn cries
As she pictures what you will look like
When she open up her eyes

I feel your movement every time
I hold your mommy each day
When your mom lets me know that you’re okay
And there are obstacles I know you will overcome
Education I know you will get done
Like your mom and dad did
We love you baby