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Thanks you all
mar…@outlo... · 2 months ago
Love your works! Keep writing!!!
Amanda Mthiyane · 2 years ago
Nicole Beerwinkel · 2 years ago
indeed..like i here i found that reading and writing is something that makes me happy,motivator and passionate.. in life.... thanx to FunDza...
Blessings Jere · 2 years ago
Good stories
Peteraakomba · 3 years ago
You're one of those great on earth
Katelo · 3 years ago
Thanks a lot guys🙏.....I’m humbled
MJR · 3 years ago
I’m humbled guys thanks a lot🙏
Martin · 3 years ago
Great u should publish your stories they are good .keep up the great work
Alissa · 4 years ago
You are very good. You write award winning stories
nka…@gmail.com · 4 years ago
You're a great writer. Original
ModiehiSeitshiro · 4 years ago
Mwai · 4 years ago
Im a Malawian staying in SA i came here years ago seeing another Malawian write insires me
Mwai · 4 years ago
Its always good to write wheather u r in Malawi or South Africa. ..i miss home
Mwai · 4 years ago