The narrator of Jesus’ life the son of God
The teacher of the holy Godly lessons
The leader of my Christianity
The coach of my Christian lifestyle
Captain of my church
The mentor of my faith
The chaplain of all time

I’ve been listening to your preaching
Consumed each word as it filled me with hope and faith
Your preaching constructed my belief
Strengthened my soul
Covalent bonded with God Himself
As the results of being single-bonded with God my Father

Your preaching brought all the possibilities as the believer in God
Heard the holiness from you
But always see the antagonist of faith in you
Your deeds are all sarcastic to God’s will
I’ve seen the intellectual of your own preaching
The emotions you have expressed took me very close to God

My pastor’s life’s got its own revelation
The formula of being GODLY isn’t simple!
Show us exactly where we have to go
Lead me directly to where the truth is
Don’t show me where you know exactly you’ll never go
Don’t test life with me
Don’t test faith with me
Gone are those days I used to say
Listen to what the pastor says
Don’t do what the pastor does