It’s morning, the sun is out.
My troubles are resting.
I look at my phone,
She sent hearts again.

As I read her sweet apology
My smile turns into a frown
As I think of the pain I was in last night.
Like a brilliant artist,
She composes my life with contradictions.

In the morning, she’s an angel.
As the sun sets, the demon awakes.
I find myself naked,
Defending myself with memories of happier times.
I’m in an inescapable, unending cycle.
“I’ll fight this time,” she said.
I should have asked who the enemy was.

Now, every day is war.
I wake up early.
I dig a hole for my heart
As the rooster screams at the rising sun
Bringing everyone back into reality again.

My weapons are sharp,
My shield is strong, and my heart is hidden.
As I wait for her to wake,
The thought of her beauty and peacefulness
Brings tears to my eyes.