Woman it is your time
Woman it is your world
Daily you live in the cold
Yet you are so bold
Your love will never grow old

Filled with scars
Filled with pain
She goes on
With only happiness to gain

When the world is struggling
She is out there hustling
When the children are crying
She never stops trying
She, she, she is a woman
She is a rock

I truly hate
I cannot relate
To how she undermines her abilities
Tosses aside her capabilities

Ironic how she can resist
Always seeming to insist

Strong she is
When she feeds;
When she nurses and never curses

She gives birth
She gives life
Pillar, pillar, pillar of strength

You have ambition
You strive with determination
Success will soon be your destination
You are transforming an entire nation
You have passion and compassion

My woman; my everything
IT IS; a womanโ€™s world!