Their mother gave them
the right
two young girls
at primary school-local

(freedom we have
of speech of movement
of association too)

Their mother gave them
the right
not to go to school
(they’re big enough)

Their mother gave them
the right
I get to hear
as I seek them out
in the neighbourhood

In the neighbourhood
(one fine morning)
a little sister is doing
an older person’s hair
and a woman nearby
quips away to my queries

They’re big enough
their mother gave them
the right
to go to the shebeen

Are they schooled?
Are they educated?
Is this their heritage?
(I am in wonderment
does it not take a village)

(the younger one can
beat anyone at dominoes
I played her and observed
how she counted like
a possessed maths boffin)

Their mother gave them (the right)
Can it not be appropriated

A trifle nonplussed am I, in the little village, the fine and sunny morning of 22 Sept 2015.