If love was a creature I wonder
If it would love itself. It sometimes
creates confusion leading to schisms…
And for that it would blame itself

It’s both very difficult and easy to
Forgive someone you love. And
this is the greatest decision one
Could ever make. Again love
Makes one complete at the same
Time incomplete.

Without this creature u feel useless
And helpless. And the moment you
Witness n feel it would not be easy,
Because when the time comes for you
To let go you lose yourself in the process.

I doubt if love would love itself if
Sacrifice is an act of love… if a
FATHER, loving everybody very much,
To an extent of giving out his most priced
Possession to a wicked world, and still
The world rejects him .

How can Love love itself when it make
One hurt. Love has this amazing scent
That covers you, in a place of a wolf
You will only see a lamb.

The ugliness of one being you won’t
Be able to see, any bad deed done by
Someone you love will look pretty
Good to you too. How can it be pleased
With itself when it blinds the human
Race with its sweetness.

Love can take anyone to a psychopathic
Hospital. It changes ones character from
A well respected n honoured being, to a
Crazy, obsessed psychopath …then love
Won’t love itself if it creates obsession.

Love has been made the greatest from
All the commandments . Just as light makes
Everyone comfortable , so does love
Hatred is the opposite of love God always
Show Love hence there is no such thing as
Hate because where there is a gram of love
Hate does not survive. Just like light n
Darkness these two never mix .Darkness
Is the opposite of LIGHT .

A dim lamp can glow In darkness and this
Show the power of light.
Love is the greatest that’s why it controls
Everything …it has become the new world
Order without it the world would be doomed

For this am sure it is very much proud
For its self …love definitely loves itself..