My mom
My queen
My best friend
My love
My life
My everything
You have been through the hardest, most painful,
Physical and emotional draining time
Oh God I was scared of losing you
Sometimes I felt like I was losing my mind
The fact that I had to be strong and pretend like
Everything was OK killed me
‘Cause all I was thinking about is you

When you were hospitalised I just died
I was like a walking zombie I couldn’t pretend any more
Sometimes I would break down and pray that God
Heals, protects and brings you back to me
I kept hoping that you were gonna be OK
Because you kept assuring me that you would be fine

The fact that I was too far away to hold your hand through it all
Killed me that is why I made sure every day
To check up on you so that you know that
I’m with you every step of the way
I couldn’t sleep or eat I was emotionally drained
Because I didn’t want to lose you
When you got discharged I was so happy
Then slowly I started laughing, smiling and became talkative again
I prayed thanking God that you survived
And that he gives you many more years to come
I will always love you mommy