we get to hear
on morn SAFM radio
folks kind of upset
at the state of the nation

it’s just not cricket
or any of the other
games we play
in democracy’s name

our women not winning
any of their games
but they won friends
they tell us one and all
(no hints of irony)

sounds like the coach
from that non-cricket power
when they hosted the games
and played a perceived
enemy-other over there
(no hints of irony)

it’s just not cricket
could well be a comment
on the state of the nation
everyone who is
dressing up to go

elsewhere there are
shack fires and another
homeless person is done in
(there is no red carpet there)

it’s just not cricket
experts before and thereafter
contemplate various navels
(is it only man-navels I hear)

how do we grow the economy
where is our youth going
even will broadband solve
their unemployment

it’s just not cricket