Date: 2 Mar 2021

Dear I like to say I’m sorry,
I’m different to others,
I have my own style,
My own way,
I just want someone to understand,
Yes I’m trouble but I know my sins

It all started way back,
That day I will never forget,
It changed me inside and out.
Deep down I started to change,
To change into the monster,
I’m scared of myself too,
Forgive me

I think when you are reading this,
You will find a way to forgive,
And a way to understand me,
I’m always wrong,
I’m always admitting my sins,
But I never thought it would come to this,

I have too much anger,
But I never meant to hurt you,
I may have done bad things before,
But I will never hurt you,
I know it’s difficult to learn me,
I’m not the same person.

I wish you could find a way to forgive,
All I want is to protect you,
I don’t want to be your enemy,
No one will understand me,
Because no one will see my heart,
Forgive me

Please forgive me,
I have learned that I must not
Be controlled by anger,
I must control myself.
It may not be now,
But I want you to know,

I love you
And I will do anything for you,
Remember I’m not your enemy,
I want to protect you,
I will do anything for you to forgive me
I’m sorry for everything,
I will never hurt you
It may not be now but I wish one day
You would

Forgive me