Since I left you hanging on the cold empty bed
I have been constantly depressed.
My happiness is to be next to you.
Incessantly I live over in my memory of your caresses.

With your tears soaking the bed wet.
Heartbroken and confused.
Your affection’s solitude.
Asking unending questions of what wrong you did.

Your charm was incomparable.
You had a burning and a glowing flame in your mind.
I wanted you to be free from my anxiety.
I couldn’t burden you with my grief
That I had blood cancer
With only a week to live.

I could not watch you shrink each day to suffering.
Remembering the good old times we had together.
You were so young and so beautiful full of life.
I took an easy way out of being a dog.
My ego and selfishness couldn’t let me say goodbye properly.

I wanted you to think there was another woman.
But my heart only beats for you.
Now that I am paralysed in a wheelchair far from you.
Now far from you, I’ve got the audacity to mend my mistakes.

You were my bone my sugar palms cream.
But I should have trusted and hoped in you.
You were not only my wife but also my best friend
That I shared secrets with.
You were the face that made me return home quickly
To calm the storm in my mind.

Shall I be able to pass all my time with you?
Having to only love you.
To think only of the happiness you bought to me.
The desires that you gave me only linger in my mind.
Like a distant playing song in the shadows.

It’s true when they say missed opportunity can’t be bought back.
Time wasted cannot be bought back.
I played with your feelings and love.
For that I will be forever sorry and guilty of inhuman crime.
Tears of guilt close this letter with pain and anguish