I just happened to think I got the best you.
Yes, I saw you – I broke my heart
As bread to share with you.
I am living like death, I never saw you leaving me,
But my heart leaves me for you.
Yes, I saw you –
I was wearing my love in concealed brightness,
Until I frowned for you.
My heart follows me to beg for more you.
I am nothing into forever without you,
Your beauty beautifies me,
Your smile and entertains me,
I never saw me but I saw you.
I wish I could see best you,
Because I never experienced the exceptional you.
I am still in perplexed love.
I know you from face but not heart.
Hoping you will art for best you inside my thoughts.

Too much to happen:
I set free everyone to rediscover one self,
If I ever liked to be a star,
I would be black as tar.
What truly mines will be back,
I won’t battle it,
I would let it be.
Hatred and greed dwell as one,
Passion and purpose is what drives me,
Dedication and emancipation is what I perform,
Today I see magic,
On tricks I don’t perform.
I reform
From deformed backbone,
I debone my flesh to set soul free.

It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love her/himself.
It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t trust her/himself.
It’s hard to give all without return,
To give and expect return is no kindness.
The one who smiles on her face is the one who is Vernon on her heart.
The one who is cruel, is one real.