I’ll never be…
Resegofaditswe Sebogodi
I’ll never be your model daughter that curtsies
At your feet that serves you all the meat
grovels when you’re seen I won’t be good for
You it might seem but please don’t think that
I’ll change

I’ll surely get better but you’re an opposite charge
the repelling force between us, just too large
you always wonder “what happened here? I
Always ponder about my fellow peers. I mean,
Why don’t you adopt them, to grovel at your feet?

surely they are better daughters than I probably
Ever will superannuate I guess I’m not an
Investment as you’d thought huh? I’m not the
Son you wanted consider me a birth wasted
to go on adventures climb trees and stare at
The vultures to claim your throne after your demise

but you sidelined me before my very eyes
you fed me all sorts of lies made me wanna
Break all our ties to catch fish it was my
Ultimate wish but I guess I’ll never be
Your model daughter.

You own home grown porter to make your
Repertoire a lot better to tell your friends
“I have my very own pet” to think I’d ever
Let myself grow that patient to be led?
I loved you from the moment we met
I didn’t know I was meant to be your mat
that you walk upon blindly

I ask that you be careful very careful,kindly
you just might be angering the great white
Shark in your very own backyard I love you