A prayer…
A prayer to the all mighty
A prayer to the one who provided us with so much
A prayer to the most kindly
A prayer to the Lord.

Dear Lord…
I pray
I hope this is the “righteous” way.
It is my last one today.
I prayed since I first learned how to.
But now I see no reason to…
I always had myself to rely on
I am a man
A man.

Dearly God
Rarely Lord
I believed in you
but in me did you?

Heavenly father
My bags are heavy, father
I am not perfect –
This is a fact
But your love to me has no impact.
I’m ready and packed.
Watch me on your review
As I am now leaving you.
My review shows me no view of you.
I’ve known no you –
Neither did you.
I have seen no you –
When I needed the most of you.
Now it’s me without you.
I am my own man –
I am not your fan.

Halla looser
Hall is you ja
Halla moola
No more halleluiah.