It was said to reside in the looking glass.
They said it spoke through actions.
It told a life we would be bound to live.
I thought to myself they saw wrong through the eyes of the enemy.

The real me was nowhere to be seen only this copy of mini me.
I was trapped inside my own walls trying to drown these demons
Only to find out they can swim.
It felt like a vacuum space the dark side of the moon
I see you looking at me as if the ground I walk on I turned sour.
At the end we all owe God a death the only way he could grow our faith.

The desert sands feed one to be the forgotten ruler Seth.
I cannot fight what is and can never escape what is meant to be
Like the moths drawn to the flame.
Is the inception the reality of the deception confused more by the inscription?
Too many words spoken at once some with the promise to take you to France.
Short outburst like a cheetah’s pounce.
They say it’s me when in truth the whole world is in chaos.