Our love was love at first sight,
Although no one got a love bite.
We just thought and wished that our love might,
Be that kind of love everyone thinks is right.
Every minute I have this fear,
A fear that would bring up a tear,
A fear and a tear of losing you,
That’s why I am not even thinking of dissing you.
Let’s just pretend,
That we don’t have hearts.
That way we will create a heart,
A heart from our own card,
To prevent it from getting broken,
Even when their culture is just “getting broken”.

Let’s create a mission,
To fulfil our vision,
To build a nest,
With our words of love,
To hide our little bird called love,
In a nest called our heart.
May our love keep flowing like a river,
And if it happens to drown,
May our heart be used as a diver,
To prevent us from getting a frown.