Perhaps it is Christmas day friends
The day we celebrate Jesus every year
The day that rules His nativity for ever
Here in Bethlehem a mile from Jerusalem

The day the heart cheers with glee
To embrace it with just and love
It is the morn of our Master the King
whose love sheath this entire stage

Look, the streets are loaded with joy
People of all kinds are there with ecstasy
Carol songs are sounding in the corners
And people are around chilling mostly

It is perhaps Christmas sunrise, friends
Can you see the light burning brighter
And yea friendly smiles are getting larger
It is that Christmas soul has swallowed up their hearts

And looking northwards, people everywhere are diamond glints
Newly dressed and freshly shining
Swinging their hands all about this time
Giving and receiving gifts this morning

Can we go out too, to share
A gift from our hearts and our souls
And a Christmas tree from our inner beings
With our families and friends this morning

We must sheath hatred from our hearts
And build our friendships as archetypes
With holiness and joy forever
Wishing everyone with our heart

Perhaps it is Christmas wintry, friends
Because the winter winds are just blowing with joy
To everywhere with smiling lips to draw
Quavering Merry Christmas in the airs

Even families and children are gleeful
And friendships are growing thicker like never before
Yea the heart embraces with joy and ecstasy
And sadness this time hide from our courtesy

I end by grasp that this is Christmas day, friends
The day we celebrate Jesus every year
So that the story of His nativity cannot be forgotten
Here in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

So go good friends yea into the world
Wish everyone friend in Bethlehem and Jerusalem
And everyone friend in this shallow nature
Merry, Merry Christmas