I’m not young enough
That you can put me behind in your adult meetings
Your caucuses,
Yet not young enough to be taken for granted
Nor for a laughing stock
I’m not a boy that you cannot even
Take the time to read between the lines I put on this paper
The lines I sweat to draw and cry to pronounce

I’m not a boy
I’m not a boy
I may have not lived more than some of you
But I know a lot than that some of you
You may have been around for sometime
But that doesn’t even come close
To spelling the pain I’ve had to endure
The outrage that I tolled throughout this age
That I had to build courage
To conquer the rage

It doesn’t
And surely … never will

I’m neither a boy nor a man
Allow me to grow, you once allowed me to crawl
Now do so for the sake of my goals
My growth
Allow me in this middle part of my calendar
To build some part of this community
With its mix of genders
Let my point settle in… better

I’m neither a boy nor a man as yet
But I’ve seen a lot that can make of man cry
Or wish to die
I’ve been through hell and back
And picked up a better pace
Remember this is a chase
Allow me some space
To take a part in the race
Just allow me to serve you this stake

I’m neither a boy nor a man
Because I’ve cried more that the hungriest baby
Because l’ve tried to unlock many doors
With pretty much a technique
Boom! No luck
I’m not a man as yet
But I believe in having the ability to build an empire
A lot that I acquired around the air
Builds the strength in me

I’m neither a boy nor a man
But I’m getting there, slowly but surely
Question is, are you willing to embark on my journey?
Because I’m neither a boy nor man