I am just living and breathing under scorching sun,
We gave birth to no son,
Love is what we pretend these days,
We serve as frying pan to be heated under these days,
We think it’s love, but it’s just yokes,
We live with jerks who make jokes,
For living they do that to put you on their chest,
No rest is given,
There is more return.

I got to love in those days,
You asked me about my life,
I told you to avoid kiss strife,
I got to Higher Institution,
You got me in desolation,
All of this you do for no reason.

I reminisce about the day
You thought to kill me with visit,
I couldn’t sit,
Because it’s what I was longing for.
I break down when I saw you with another lady,
Of course I wasn’t ready for two but you.

We both know what was consensus,
I was choked by your absence,
That’s why maybe I lost you.

Of course, from school,
You suspected many things,
I promised you no cheating,
Even if time keeps trolling.

Our love lives in demises,
I lived in my own cocoon to stop the torture,
I know my heart was in capture,
Of your love.
Nothing gives me dove,
Heart is paining.

I loved you,
With many wishes,
But distance makes you to crack my heart…

I am starting to see,
Love is death and reborn of new love,
I mean to be perfect,
I died many times,
Love keeps pestering for many roses,
I am not a provider,
But strong man with pains,
I promise,
I am never dead,
But living