I wish you live you live long
I see no wrong
Please keep those smiles
We still riding for many happy miles
Seize those tears
And love those fears
Thou, shall not petrify you

Yes only thy can fly through you
Have no worries, shield is your God
Hope is your strength
Grand entrance
Grand exit, live your moment
Have a toast, let’s celebrate it together
You’re my mother

She’s your daughter, foregone my sister
I’m your own son and I guess I just have to
Carry us the light
It is too dark
But as for now, see you in another world

Future is mine
You raised a good guy
Past is yours
You made a good lady
And as for present
We made a great family
For that!
Happy mother’s day
I wish you live long

I see no wrong
I beg you restore those smiles
We still got to walk more plenty miles
And so I ask, to wipe off those tears
You deserve beauty, brush on those ponds