I be so silent but my mind be loud,
I’m looking so calm but be so agitated,
I’ll pretend my heart doesn’t hurt
When it’s in need of soothing…
Can’t show them my pain, yeah I cover my bruises,

Trying to quiet the storm so I feed it…
But it eats till its full and it is never satisfied
Yeah my emptiness, loneliness and trauma is greedy.

I’ll pretend my memory is bad but I still remember
The Root of my uproot from innocence to adolescence.

Can’t be vulnerable around you
It’s not like I don’t have empathy
Trust me I’m an empath I feel everything

I’ll keep your secrets but I can’t share mine
I’ll take ‘em all to the grave…
I’ll rave about you
Forget it I’m brave with or without you.
I got invisible scars
The special ones who can see them are scarce.