It all started to be a windy day
I removed everything in my room for the LEMOSA meeting
A human Rights day to those who believe to have righteous rights
Afternoon after the meeting I was so sure of being happy but I lied
At night earlier something just didn’t feel good with me
It went on to an extent that I was totally not the real me.

Everything I touched was just left unfulfilled
I mighty have not being perfect but I’m always trying to be perfect
I never thought of anything that mighty over power me
As far as the night goes by I was starting to feel the drowsiness
I was online on 2go chatting with my precious friends and family members
At a later stage I logged out of 2go with a reason of sleeping.

I decided to call her; both sim cards MTN and CELL C where off
That has never happened before but I went on
I called her VODACOM after a long time a man answered
He said, who did I want? Where was I? Then my airtime went off
I replied “I want Ziyanda,” that’s whereby I went off
After that I was so traumatised and shocked by the man answering the phone.

It all took me by a surprise but then I slept crying in my heart
The emotions were mixed badly but I tried to call them into order
I was confused and then the hardship in my shoulders went off
Conspicuously the incident was a sign of what I was to find out that night
I didn’t know after what to think but a feeling was true that I found a secret
It was the earlier day whereby I was experiencing such pain.

For a second life was out of my control while a womb deepening in my heart
I tried to cry but tears didn’t pitch instead sadness owned the face
It felt as if the world was crashing into my face
The best I’ve ever offered to her was never enough
Let alone the mistakes because she pretended to have forgiven me
I feel like I’m going crazy and I wish that land would open for me to heal.

I told myself not question until she tells me herself
I viewed my love being undermined
My eyes went blind and my mind colonised by destruction
If I knew what to do to change the situation I was going to do it
I had questions left unanswered in my heart
Emotionally and spiritually I’m dead to be honest.