Dedicated to you mama
Unlike other women
Whose breaths murder and terminates life at its bud
Women that massacre the fruits of their wombs
With herbs and drugs mercilessly
And pay little respect to the spiritual rules
Your measureless love has always reigned
Past kingdoms and so many rains
Here I’m to say I love you sweet Mama

From the time I was just a ball in an ocean
To the time you rendered your undivided love
Sitting on the boundary line of life and death
After nine eras of anticipation and preparation
You took your deep breath of love
And brought me further into this world like a dove
You sighed and smiled as I howled to open my lungs
I adore you, sweet mama

Like a horse, I rode on your back
As you went to draw water and farm
You kept me in your arms of love and I felt secured
Alone I was always afraid and I always screamed
You taught me to love and care for 18 showers of rain
You taught me to be a gentleman
I admire you, sweet mama

Like a shepherd
You led me into the fresh pastures
Where I could sit among flocks
Drink from the rock
And happily led back home
With my mind free
And my body secured
As my enemies tried to pursue me
I love you sweet mama

Now it’s my turn
I don’t know what to pay in return
For such great love rendered unto me
It’s my desire to always love and offer you great mama
Above all, may the almighty lord bless you sweet mama
I love you so much sweet Mama.