For so many years I have been an agent of the devil
Finding happiness in darkness
Trampling down your virtuous souls
Offering sacrifices, shedding innocent blood
Creating floods

To sweep away your blameless ones
My sins are numerous, more than seventy times seven
My soul is in ruins, all the happiness that world could offer me has gone
Even though I sit and bow down at Gods’ Most High Holy Hill
My mind stands still
My soul is left in ruins

Being a partner in infidelity
I messed up with the whole world without retreat
A competitor of the devil and never a single day I faced defeat
Preachers preached but never a single day I dared to quit
For evil was too sweet
And the Devils’ voice was too smooth
My tongue was too fast and my mouth was too quick

My body too strong and it could never quake
My powers were those of an earthquake
Ladies could shake
And rush to me like a flock
Like a key, I unlocked them and made them free to mingle with evil

But now my soul is in ruins
And it can never be sanctuary
The spirit of God can’t dwell in it
It’s dead, it’s dead and it needs to be placed in the mortuary
Where undertakers will take it and bury it the fires of sulfur

Burn in the fires of hell
So that all the people should tell
And proclaim the good news of Christ

My body has reigned for 90 seasons and 90 showers of rain
90 candles I have blown out
But no single day my heart honoured the Lord
I was too boastful, half cold and half warm

I knew that Jesus is the light
But never could I seek insight
Woozy with science and contented by degrees the world gave me
I felt I will reign forever

But now the sun is setting
And the night has come
Death is knocking at the doors
Of my heart and circulates to my entire body
Trying to close every door where life can enter and hide

Nobody is near me, and in nobody, I can confide
As I said no to Jesus, and the devil is the one has left me helpless
My soul is left in ruins
And there is nobody to rescue
I had time, time to follow Jesus and time to pursue

Time to obey Christ and time to serve him
Just look at the ruins of my soul
And never the devil dare you to pursue