This is a city of sinners
Angels left a long time ago
Speak to the blind man
Even in his poor eyesight he sees everything
We are left with those whose throat lies in an open coffin
As they speak, words die on your lips
Pronounce it however you want
Words are just things
They flow as smooth as the blood of Abraham through the Jews
Resonate to the spot where Moses caused the sea to separate

These cowboys will always pack us in coffins
Going to church every Sunday,
And wearing a mask every Friday
Praying to the Lord while they scatter the seed of destruction
They lift themselves higher than the identity of the prophet
Ask you questions and turn to the nearest person for validation
They make you feel as helpless as a blind man searching for a path

Words are just things
They separate people like fat in boiling water
From better to worse they change
Like prescription pills when you misuse them
You end up living a lie, thinking Jesus was born in December
We see things in pieces, words distract the mind
Once spoken they cannot be unsaid
They break it down like a woman’s heart abused in marriage

Has God taken a long lunch break?
We’ve crossed struggle rivers, but we’re not wet behind our ears
As I look at things through a magnifying glass
I can see through your facade like a fallen angel standing in the presence of God
Our veins are strings tied to other people’s kites
Those words staged diving off my tongue
Your death means nothing to them
While it sits like cancer in the heart of a few people who love you

When I kneel and pray to the sky
I feel the harsh of my ancient burn my hands
I feel heat on my back
My body starts shaking like a baby born addicted to crack
This is a city of sinners
Angels left a long time ago
We are left with those whose throat is an open coffin
And far worse, where the condemned and forsaken walk the streets