He kissed me on the lips
While holding my hips
He pushed me in bed
While the room was full of red lead
He told me not, I shouldn’t feel bad
I wasn’t ready, that’s why I was sad

I told him I wanted everything perfect
But happiness on his face could infect.
He told me everything was right
He even switched off the light
Damn he was a pervert
My story was written in an advert
I threw him a condom
He threw with it wisdom.

He locked the door
And kissed me while throwing
My clothes on the floor
He told me not to scream
It felt like it was a dream
The more pain I felt
I started to welt

Blood scatted in the bed
He had energy like he’d smoked weed
He said thanks for the service
It seems like he was the best in vice
Few months ago
AIDS forced him to go

He passed away
When I was on my way to a shopping mall
I forgot to trust no one, and love them all
Now because of him, I have AIDS
My life has changed and I’m afraid
He used me like a tool
I thought he was so cool
Damn, I was such a fool