I fear
that my death will come from the same hands of a man
who claims he loves me.

I fear
that my daughter’s death will come from the same man
who was left breathless when he first laid his eyes upon her

I fear
for my life
that will mean nothing to someone who will choke us to death
in a cold empty room
with no window open
with his empty soul
and the death stare of his eyes

I fear
that the man who held my daughter in a hospital room
will take away her innocence while I stare
with blood in my eyes

I fear
that I will die at the hands of the man whose name I got tatted on my shoulder
and whose name was the last I have screamed
when we were madly,
in fact
dangerously in love

I fear
that my body
that my daughter’s body
that our bodies
will mean nothing to a man who we trusted with our lives

yeah I said life

a sentence in our country

that he
will never get.


We are very concerned for the safety of all our readers and writers. LifeLine has a free number you can call to speak to someone who understands: try 0861 322 322 or 021 461 1111. The domestic violence hotline is 0800 150 150. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to people and get help.