I watched you speak.
As your mouth moved,
I felt weak.
As your voice
Danced into my ears,
I heard no words
But the sound
Of my beating heart
And the thoughts
In my mind telling me
Where do I start,
How do I
Make you love me?
I felt nothing
But the burning urge
To kiss you.
An itch I couldn’t scratch.
The craving for you,
For your touch.
The hunger for your soul
And friendship
I yearn for no such.
But your affection
For action
That might lead
To total satisfaction.
It’s all a dream.
What do I do?
Other than shake
In your presence
Or frown
In your absence.
I can only hope
For your romance.
The ugly truth is
You will never be mine.
The only thing I can do
Is drink this wine.