Rams of the same fur,
Wrestle to wither the grass
Until there’s nothing left to graze
And indulge in the game of blames
When their bellies cry of pain

Cries of the beleaguered,
Into deafened ears, they fell
Guided by the blind
And their story sickens when one tell
Their prayers wither within a broken ozone
Flying birds fart to melt their strengths
To see them never reaching heaven

And so, the pain worsens
When truth is crucified
Only to take a meal from their plates
The heavens shut out their prayers
They bounce to hit heads of their sorrows
And in the quick sands, they become statues

Let me write these poems
My woman fans, my poetic moods
She believes they can save my soul
O, what a patient soul!

Why not let this pen shed soul’s tears?
For healing tastes better when it’s hurting
Let it bleed out the bitterness
If you are sweet already, stay sweet
You lose nothing by understanding a brother’s pain
Grab his falling back
Do it to feed ye soul with goodness
Bragging is devilish