Can we talk for a moment?
Got these feelings that I’m tired of holding in.
Let me apologize, yeah!
Let me apologize for not having the same view as you.
Let me apologize for not understanding the way you show love.
Let me apologize for being myself.
Love is about caring for another person.
Love, one word, countless emotions,
it overwhelms us, takes us for a crazy ride.
Sometimes it blinds our sane faculties.
But hey, we aren’t complaining, right?
Mother rain my love is infinite.
My bounty is as boundless as the sea.
I have the remembrance of you.
We are suffering under rumours;
Rumours that spread like wildlife hitting my ears like thunder.
Circumstances define you if you let them.
You are where you are because of your decisions.
If you don’t like where you are you must take better actions!
Every choice you have made throughout your life,
has led you to right where you are now.
Do you love where you are now?
Stay away from negative people,
they have a problem for every solution.
It hurts seeing you sad.
At times I feel it would be better if I face my tears.
When I see you I smile internally,
I smile till my heart stops jumping like monkeys in the African wild.
I avoid you purposely when you try to talk.
But when I wake up in the morning feeling cold,
I ask myself where’s my lover?
Not you, no, the you who used to have trust,
The you who used to believe what I say, not what they say.
How do I search for my love in you?
I remember those pointless conversations we used to have.
The sensual love making to holding hands.
A jug fills drop by drop.
In lust you only satisfy your physical needs.
In love you nurture a relationship.
I tried moving then I remembered that I broke an hour glass.
I tried moving on then I asked myself this:
Why do other women look attractive?

It’s because someone else is taking care of them.
The grass is always green where it is watered.
Any man can admire a beautiful women,
but it takes a true gentleman to make a women admirable and beautiful.
Sometimes I wish I could live in a life without making any wrong turns.
In reality a path like that doesn’t exist.
Loneliness and I are meant to be,
that’s why I’m engaged in solitude.
Love you, give love you get,
it comes from the heart, it goes to the heart.
Maybe if I pray a little longer.
Maybe if I have faith a little stronger.
Maybe this is a trial to teach me how to love.
Maybe I’m supposed to walk the journey with you.