You are the pinnacle of my existence,
the very peak to which I rise.
You are comparable to a well-written drama.

You receive an introduction
where the audience gets to see
the creation, the formation,
the beginning
… of you.

The wonder of you is short-lived;
a crisis occurs
Our main protagonist is in peril
he meets this hurricane,
this storm …

Will he survive?
The rising action takes place
He fights his way through the hurricane
… braving the winds
… overcoming the waves.

But the hurricane is strong
It is relentless
… dangerous.

And then
we reach the climax

He realizes that instead of fighting
He has to give in
He has to surrender
He has to calm down.

He lowers his voice,
holds out his arms
and pulls her, the hurricane
into his embrace.
He silences her turmoil
calms her storms
and makes her feel
less disastrous.

And even though we’ve reached
our falling action
he continues to brave her
ever-changing tides.

We’ve reached our conclusion,
not necessarily the end.

The hero gets the girl,
but he bears the scars of battle.