I cordially amorous on such a moment to be remembered
An instance whereby I amend your heart jovially
A moment whereby you’re honoured for your presence
It’s a pride to us those who’ve shared life with you
It serves as a blessing to those who believe

Have a wonderful birth day Gwen Maloving
It’s the moment of applauding you for who you’re
One of the times that we wish to live on daily
Whereby we watch you thereafter smile forever
Wishing that every person was off your kind
But then realise that you’re the best

I’m behind the podium to distress love on its best
Celebrating the moment to distress appreciation
On tears as talking due to honest adoration
On my knees to propose as soul mate
In my home ground to thank you for being there for me
Promising to be what you’ll ever ask of me

Here I’m speaking as a brother of blood
May your heart be covered with true love and humanity till forever
The LORD be the bearer between you and your hardship
Be awarded strength through your endeavours attains
Whenever a shoulder to cry on is needed just ring the bell
Each moment life fades at you remember this day and stay strong

Moments of cherishing the best out of life
Be proud of who you’re at all times
Appreciate the opportunity given by parents
Thank your LORD and Amagcwesa (ancestors)
Forget not to believe in yourself out of it all
Thus far in life celebrate the storms and waves you’ve been through

You’re hereby regarded as a precious person in my life
I wishing you all the best out of your special day
To a family it serves as an anniversary of blessing
It’s a blessing to had ever met someone as you in my life
Thank you for everything you’ve done and will continue do for me
With lots of love and humanity happy birth day Cindy Gwen Mlanjeni