I stand on jerking knees
As my legs fail
To contend my weight
My heart been so heavy
Burdened with thoughts
Thoughts full of regrets

“Had I known …”
“My friends warned me …”
Flood my brain
As some are washed
Deep down my heart
Have made a hollow

Inside me
That blood oozes in despair
Can a friend be so fair?
Abandoning the other so unfair

Truly it weakens my bones
Numbness overcome my strength
That I can stand no more
How could I?

My heart so heavy
And my tongue full in my own mouth
At your double tongue
That once ooze words of hope
Encouraged my weak mind

By power of love
Made it strong
Then, I hoped it would last for long
But I be wrong
Either it wronged
Or I longed
By the hour of eleventh
It burst in true colours

But can a dragon keep fair a cave?
Maybe in snaring
Serpent heart hid in moon face
The cracks you have made

Are not that much
But with force of my sorrow
It breaks now and again
I cannot help
But to weep for a friend
Rather- a love lost.