Was it man who said he didn’t love you or a boy who
Came to terms of not understanding why he deserves you
Brave indeed he was to seduce you with his actions, yet arrogant
He is not, wanting to accept his imperfections, they say love is only
Written by those who respect it, I’ve heard your wish but I became
Selfish when I saw you cry

I never took into consideration what you really needed, so my presence
Was just enough to dry your tears, when I could not cope I ran away
Like a coward because I never came with honesty and aware I was that
The truth contains words that eventually hurts, I’m a perfect stranger who
Came along the way and helped you to dry those tears but my disappearance
Become a reminder of what you lost the previous time,
Only difference now is you cant explain why you lost again…
My wish is to see you happy but I cant write your happiness