When our eyes kissed
My heart
Felt the love that God
Showered on earth

When our hands binded
Like pages
From a story book, I
Never thought sadness
Exists for they were firmly
Cemented to each other

As you spoke your
Words that were sweet
Like honey, my mind
Thought you were my
Ride or die

As you sat right by my
Side, loneliness was a
Strange name to my
Ears when I heard it from

Everytime I am sleeping
In my warm blankets,
I used to see you besides
My pillow for you were the
Creator of my dreams

Everything my mind
Meditated was everything
About you for you were the
One God sent to save me
From my darkness of love

Everything is now a fairytale,
You told me you will be back
Soon, Now, you never
Returned like a leaf that has
Fallen from a tree

Though decades have gone
Without seeing you beside me
My mind
Still thinks about you, my
Heart still beats for your

As I sleep at night, darkness
Doesn’t visit my castle for I
Still see you besides my
Bed as I sleep

When my eyes see a
Couple smiling at each
Other, I always see the smile
We used to share
When love life seems to be
In our little world