From the grooves you mushroomed
Sprouting from the single rays
Congregating like a thundery shower cloud
You heightened the numbers of backers
Indeed to strike your eye on our matrimony

Talents budded from your hands
Endowments that could speak in tongues
Hawking love, peace and harmony
Imbedding gallantry and optimism to the graduants
An ornamented escort to a life time transition

Exhibitions of joy could be sermonised from your physique
With twists and bends all over
Toning all the tunes and rhythms from the triumphant whiles
They indeed validated right calculations of the sounds
Wearing the same colour of the music

Like the triumphant cry of a mother in a maternity ward
Looming full throttle from our lips
A thanks giving song is hatching
A song that fails to ration your impact
A song that has fathomed this celebratory rocket

We treasure the cobweb of advice
Deep rooted in us from your insight
A promise of a brighter future to us the amateurs
We are indeed people because of others
We will live to remember the advice of chorals.