Remembering him is just like feeling
I’m in another realm
It’s not because we had the best experiences, but because we wrote the best stories for us.

The first meeting was a smash, nobody dared believe we could be friends, even less best of friends.
We were just way out of each other’s league but we built a bridge to connect us.

Our passions were different, so were our perceptions too.
Our background was supposed to be a huge barrier but it was powerless like a toothless dog.

We played pranks, did crazy stuff, wrote notes, did silly things, had naughty thoughts, all of them made us.

Departing was not in our books, thought we would be together till death, we never thought of barriers and thus, we never prepared for them.

And now, we are not talking again, we hardly hear from each other, we hardly visit, we hardly chat, we hardly think of each other, we hardly plan to meet again, we both live in our different worlds now.

But the truth still remains, We were “The Best of Friends”