A truck stood waiting near my door
I wonder what they were waiting for
I remained indoors
As darkness remained outdoors

Figures came by my window
I reached for my phone
In my angst I dialled the wrong dialling code
113 instead of 112
Lord, this is scary
They are trying to break my door
I ran to the window
And yelled

They ran away
As my heart yelped
I opened the door and ran after them
Not gonna let these dogs
Take away my freedom
Not gonna let these dogs
Take away my freedom

Drugs ruining our youth
Drugs, you so clever
And us, Yes
We are so fooled

Only God knows
This is beyond us
This is an evil
Unto its own

Destroying lives and families
With a sniff and puff
Then you are hooked and gone
Beautiful people destroyed by drugs
Be careful when you give them hugs
Be careful as they are thugs

They are hooked on drugs
Trying to get their next fix
Trying to get their next hit
Clever and manipulative they are
Fast and furious
With a few scars
Be careful people
They look like you and I
They were you and I
A long time ago.
But they are no more
They are in Satan’s reach…

And they want more
We pray for them
We pray for us
We pray for the thieves in the night
And the workers in the day
Sometimes having to surrender their pay

Is there hope at the end of this day?
Is there hope in this very dark maze?
Can education free them when they are so deep in sin?
Are they lost to this world?
What we need is a miracle
A miracle
As this country is out of control
Never was it this bad
Never did one have to fear for one’s life
At this standard

God help us all
Because drugs
Take their toll
It has an after-effect on us all