In just one relationship I’ve experienced so much pain. They say it’s not easy to leave an anniversary partner, but I can’t wait to leave him. He has hurt me way too much, he has made me suffer. Like a service, this is not what I paid for.

All I wanted was to be loved and be treated like a princess. Was that just a little too much for him to handle? All I wanted was to receive a sweet text message before going to bed at night, and a sweet text message before getting out of bed in the morning. I wanted to be told that I am loved and missed by his special heart.

Maybe that was just too much for him. Maybe he couldn’t handle me. Maybe he was just too busy for that kind of life. Kwasekuqaleni angikaze ngiye kuyena mina ngiyomshela. Pho ngizohlalelani? Ngangikwazi ukuphila engakafiki empilweni yami.