Librarians also do it
they’re not just your
humble book-wardens
custodians of tomes
adorning library shelves

(though a number still
check your hands before
check your gums before
check your thoughts still)

Librarians also do it
doing the honourable
library member this
and library user that

Do you recognise me
I am asked by one
(following the trend)
his face on straight
on a point of order

(others concern themselves
more with the state
and style or otherwise
of the attendant flock
all designer-dressed up)

Librarians inspire learning
having their bit of fun
during working hours
in the local neighbourhood
(climbing on the humour bandwagon)

(how do they checkbox this
on those official forms
still catalogued for purposes
of research it is claimed)

Is this the state
of the nation

(What is the point)

“Point of Order trending as Twitter finds humour in Sona” and “Mix of hit and miss on the red carpet” (Argus, February 12 2016). See “Librarians inspire learning” (People’s Post Athlone, 15 September 2015).