Pitter patter footsteps run through corridors
Pitter patter feet run to me greeting me…
“Mommy, here’s a gift for you”
I whisper, “Thank you, my children,”
As they continue running wildly out of the door
I reminisce…
How quickly time has gone by since
I held you when you were born

I remember holding them one by one
When they were small
I remembered them as they started to grow tall
My little Angels slowly started to leave
One by one out of the door
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of these little Angels
Who still visit my door
They still Run to Me
They still Run out the door

I used to run like them to my mom and dad
When I was small
But that was like a long, long time ago
I remember running to my mommy and daddy
And kissing them every day and every night
I remember the hugs and the kisses
Before they took flight

As the seasons change
And intertwine with one another
As the winds howl and the seas crash
Into the rocks like thunder
So do the changes in the long and winding road
I can’t remember them so well
As I knit with my wrinkly hands
They still run to me and kiss me on the cheek
Happy Birthday, MA!
Happy Valentines, MA!
I love you, MA!
I smile as they sing for me
They smile and their tender voices have changed a bit
But they still remain my little babas

They don’t know it yet
But soon…I will have to run away too
I can’t run to them like I used to
I can’t remember the last time they ran to me
Maybe yesterday, a week, a month, or a season ago

The seasons of happiness and wonder
Have run with me
Like my children who have run to me
So too, Lord, I will run to Thee

I must now Run to You, dear Lord
Please protect my babies
When I run through that door
I remember my darling running to me
But that was a long time ago
I remember when I was lonely he ran to me
I remember when I was lonely I ran to them
But now, Lord, I run to You
I run to Thee
I run to Thee