I hope you heal from that pain.
I pray that you learn from that mistake.
I need you to be free from that slave mentality.
I urge you to take full responsibility.
You have nobody but you.

You are there and I am here,
I would be lying if I said that I know what you are going through.
You had all your hopes in him and he saw nothing in you.
He brags about you but left you nothing to be proud of.
Your mama said, “It’s okay”
And you thought she had something to hide.

You heard one side of the story because
There is absolutely nothing on the other side.
You now wanna perform that ritual because
It does look like a curse.
It is a curse that he brought you to this world
Just to leave you all miserable and hopeless.
It’s okay that you owe him nothing when you finally make it.

Men should stop leaving their children behind
And women should stop encouraging their
Daughters to put their hopes in a man.
He left behind his family just to feed you.

Darling, he’s used to feeding strangers and
Pity you are not the only stranger that he knows.
The things of the world come and go but
A father should learn to be present
In the upbringing of his children.
It is not always about money but still
You cannot be flexing and all in expensive materials
While your child is looking all hungry and miserable.

Be a man
Be a father
Be there…for them