This is my dream
Packaged in a weird stream
But nonetheless given to me

God is faithful
Just stay open to the gift
No matter how often you experience pain and guilt
Trust me
Eventually we forgive and we heal
Sorrow is only for a minute
Joy is eternal and everlasting

The world of polarity demands us to always be ready
For cause, effects and consequences
No one is exempt from it
We’re all judged equally
Jesus drank His portion
Therefore, no one is loved differently

God’s grace is sufficient
But our hearts are callous and indifferent
So who’s to blame for the separation, between us and Him?
Creator, or creation?
Or both of them willing

We’re allowed to be whatever it is
So it seems
So is He condemning?
Or observing, thus enlightening
Could God possibly punish us for anything?
Or is it just our mentality?
Our misconceptions of reality
Consciousness in conflict

We always reflect the life within
Good or unrighteous
That’s what it’s always manifesting
Our beliefs
Determine the world in which we live
Our standing
Our justice

And God let’s it be
Without interfering
Intervening only when necessary
Until we decide that it isn’t what we seek
Otherwise the cycle is always continuing
On repeat
In and out
Like the whole universe breathing
Contracting and expanding
Dichotomy and contradictions
Like entire human relationships
Like planets and galaxies

But governed by religious and science theory

But God is self-evident glory