Yesterday was boisterous
We all thought a circle never ends
But we never asked the question: “What if it ends?”

Oh Mr Time Driver
Why were you travelling so fast?
While you knew well how precious time is
See now you endangered the lives of humans

Oh, who’s gonna bear our griefs, and carry our sorrows?
Now everything is permanently put on hold
Churches, schools, firms and roads are deserted

Oh Mr Time Driver
What were you thinking?
See now you brought us a poignant moment
Towns and cities are desolated
Heavens offended

Oh, is this the finale of living?
Lives are standing still
And dreams have all gone away
On the journey, we did not get what we actually wanted

Dear Mr Time Driver
So much I have planned has never begun
So much you have impaired and not just impaired
But impaired irrevocably
And now we all wish we could turn back time
But turning back the hands of time has never been achieved
Who are we to turn back with a punctured tyre?

You have impaired our abilities to think and concentrate
You have opened all doors for this pandemic
And now human extinction may come about indirectly and even more surely
Oh Mr Time Driver
What have you done?